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Somatcha creates refreshing matcha based sparkling beverages that taste great, tap into matcha’s health benefits, and gives an organic energy boost. Somatcha is made with all natural ingredients to promote the healthy and active lifestyles of its drinkers.



Our founder Seis turned to his Japanese roots and 20 years of culinary experience to create Somatcha. Our sparkling matcha beverage gives its drinkers an energy boost that balances body (soma) and mind. The natural presence of caffeine and L-Theanine produce a wave of organic sustained energy, calm, and mental focus. Matcha is rich in anti-oxidants and linked to promoting heart health, anti-aging, and increased metabolism benefits.

We created a ready to drink matcha beverage that’s refreshing and centered on the rich taste of matcha. Our sparkling matcha is the perfect beverage to support healthy and active lifestyles. Somatcha is available in two flavors, Original and Zero Calorie which is all natural and sweetened with monk fruit.

Ride the matcha wave with #Somatchawave