Healthy Summer Mocktail : Somatcha SPARKLING Matcha + Blackberries & Mint Muddle

A favorite summer tradition that we have in our household is to always have a summer bar on the ready.  That means having a lot of fresh ingredients and mixers and ice stockpiled.  There's nothing better than coming home on a hot summer day or when friends stop in, than to have a refreshing drink on hand.  Often that means a nice cocktail like the Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler we shared with you. 


Often though, as a good host, you'll also want to have exciting summer mocktail options.  Seis has four (great!) kids under the age of 16 who are in NYC with us (one full time and the all of them in the summer) and we also have a lot of health conscientious friends so having a bar that's friendly to all needs and wants and that is inclusive is important. 

A really simple tip to the perfect summer bar is to just have a lot of fresh fruits and herbs on hand and to muddle them.  Personally, we always have fresh citrus fruit (lemons and limes but also occassionally oranges and tangerines), strawberries and blackberries.  We tend to always have basil and mint, jalepenos and cucumber. You can use other great ingredients like fresh ginger or rosemary.  Just think about it a little bit and if something strikes your fancy while you're at the market grab it, prep it, and see if it takes. These are all great ingredients to create fun summer mocktails and cocktails.  It's super simple to prep and a lot of fun to let guests and family members get creative at the bar.    

Now, a simple rule of thumb for the bar is to always plenty of seltzer water, some fresh fruit juices (grapefruit, orange, pomegranate) and the ingredients you want to muddle. As mentioned in our last post, we've been playing with Somatcha Sparkling Matcha to create fun summer mocktails. What we love about Somatcha is that it already has bubbles so no seltzer water is needed, it has a little bit of sweetner so you don't need simple syrup to muddle your ingredients, and matcha has a ton of positive health benefits. 

Matcha is rich in antioxidants, linked to cell health that promotes anti-aging, linked to heart health, and it gives you a clean caffeine energy boost combined with L-Theanine that creates calm and mental focus.  We just can't say enough good things about the benefits of matcha (it's why we created Somatcha!). 

Okay, so the recipe we’re sharing with you is so simple.  On the table we also have fresh pineapple, mango, lemon.  Like I say, there are no real rules to what you can or can't use for your muddle.  Get creative!

Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Berries & Mint Muddle

Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Blackberries & Mint Muddle Ingredients

  • Somatcha Sparkling Matcha (Original or Zero Calorie)

  • Small handful of blackberries (4-5 berries)

  • Fresh Mint

Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Blackberries & Mint Muddle Equipment

  • Muddler

  • Tall cocktail glass

  • Stirrer

Lynette Sieger
Summer Cocktail: Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler

Summer Cocktail: Somatcha Gin Sparkler

Somatcha Sparkling matcha + gin cocktail

At last...the weather is starting to warm up (here in NYC it is, we hope wherever you're reading from you're feeling it too!) and Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. The summer is one of my busiest times of the year especially for Seis in his job as a private Chef. It's also one of the busiest times of year in our personal lives.  Seis’s four kids spend part of the summer, friends and family visit the city while on break, and of course all the warm weather holidays and gatherings.

As a Chef parties and gatherings always come with the expectation that Seis will bring something great to the table. Literally.  So, with Memorial Day weekend in mind, we decided to try a cocktail using Somatcha Sparkling Matcha as a base.  This summer cocktail really appeals to us because of its great taste, its simplicity (time saver!), and the health boost (antioxidants, clean caffeine) that Somatcha's ingredients offer. 

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler: Time Saver 

This Somatcha Sparkling Matcha cocktail requires muddling.  Normally when you muddle for a cocktail you'll add a little simple syrup or sugar.  Using Somatcha as the base of the cocktail you cut out a step by relying on the sugar (original) or monkfruit (zero calorie) sweetner that is already in the Somatcha. Another great time saver is that Somatcha is a sparkling matcha and so you avoid having to add seltzer to give it that nice bubbly fizz that makes summer cocktails refreshing. 

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler Ingredients

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler Equipment

  • Muddler

  • Tall cocktail glass

  • Stirrer

Lynette Sieger

New York, NY— May 1, 2019 — Somatcha Sparkling Matcha beverage has launched in select markets and restaurants in New York City. When Somatcha creators Seis Kamimura and Lynette Sieger couldn’t find a refreshing ready to drink matcha beverage that they were excited about they set out to make their own. As a successful Chef who cut his teeth with Wolfgang Puck at Spago Beverly Hills followed by more than 20 years of culinary experience as an Executive Chef in fine dining and at CenturyLink Stadium, Seis tapped into his talent for balancing the right ingredients and his Japanese roots to bring Somatcha Sparkling Matcha to life.

Somatcha stands out from other sparkling matcha beverages on the market because rather than shy away from the flavor of matcha, matcha is front and center.  Somatcha balances matcha with all natural ingredients including sencha, vitamin c, chlorophyll, and grey sea salt to create a sparkling beverage that is light, hydrating, and refreshing.  It is lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar (original) or monkfruit (zero calorie).  Our small batch production is crafted from freshly brewed teas, never from concentrate.

Somatcha gives its drinkers a clean energy boost that balances body (soma) and mind.  The natural presence of caffeine and L-Theanine produce a wave of organic sustained energy, calm, and mental focus.  Matcha is rich in antioxidants which is linked to promoting heart health, anti-aging, and increased metabolism. Somatcha is the perfect sparkling beverage for health conscious consumers who lead active lifestyles.     

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Lynette Sieger