Summer Cocktail: Somatcha Sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler

Summer Cocktail: Somatcha Gin Sparkler

Somatcha Sparkling matcha + gin cocktail

At last...the weather is starting to warm up (here in NYC it is, we hope wherever you're reading from you're feeling it too!) and Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. The summer is one of my busiest times of the year especially for Seis in his job as a private Chef. It's also one of the busiest times of year in our personal lives.  Seis’s four kids spend part of the summer, friends and family visit the city while on break, and of course all the warm weather holidays and gatherings.

As a Chef parties and gatherings always come with the expectation that Seis will bring something great to the table. Literally.  So, with Memorial Day weekend in mind, we decided to try a cocktail using Somatcha Sparkling Matcha as a base.  This summer cocktail really appeals to us because of its great taste, its simplicity (time saver!), and the health boost (antioxidants, clean caffeine) that Somatcha's ingredients offer. 

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler: Time Saver 

This Somatcha Sparkling Matcha cocktail requires muddling.  Normally when you muddle for a cocktail you'll add a little simple syrup or sugar.  Using Somatcha as the base of the cocktail you cut out a step by relying on the sugar (original) or monkfruit (zero calorie) sweetner that is already in the Somatcha. Another great time saver is that Somatcha is a sparkling matcha and so you avoid having to add seltzer to give it that nice bubbly fizz that makes summer cocktails refreshing. 

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler Ingredients

Somatcha sparkling Matcha + Gin Sparkler Equipment

  • Muddler

  • Tall cocktail glass

  • Stirrer

Lynette Sieger